Melt IMPULSIVE eyeshadow

32.000 OMR

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This year brings our most exciting partnership yet. In order to celebrate new beginnings, we created a palette inspired by us. This 18-shade palette features two sides that tells the story of Melt Cosmetics and the customers who made this dream a reality.

The right side of the palette is inspired by the early years before Melt and the friendship between cofounders Lora and Dana that started it all. It showcases cool toned shimmers and holographic foils. A party on the eyes, these 9 metallic shades packed to the brim with pearl are even crazier than our boss ladies’ wildest nights. If you’ve made it to one of our Melt parties, you know what we mean.

The left side of the palette features 7 dangerously bold mattes in vibrant colors and 2 vivid shimmers that were inspired by our love for unique colors, but more importantly they were inspired by our fun and fearless customers, our Melt Fam, who are unapologetically themselves, just like our boss ladies.

We live our lives like we run our business, Impulsively.

2012 - Established honey yellow matte, this sunny shade is as bright as our future!

Rule Breaker - Blend this rusted orange matte outside the lines, in makeup there are no rules.

Go-getter - An overachieving vermilion pressed pigment with and assertive neon pink shift.

Dream Big - Let your imagination run wild! There are endless possibilities for this rich cinnamon matte.

CEO - An executive warm bronze with copper reflects fit for a boss.

Boss Lady - A superior burgundy matte that commands attention.

Game Changer - Alter the standard in this avocado green matte shade.

Profesh - Skilled and qualified military green matte that isn’t here to play games.

Bold - A strong rusted ginger matte for every eyeshadow adventure.

Makeup Junkie - Call it an addiction, we can’t get enough of this mauve purple with an extreme pink shift and eye-catching blue glitter flecks.

Warehouse Party - An underground dusty coral hue with a gold shift and raging green glitter flecks like laser lights.

Poppin Bottles - Bubbly baby pink with an erupting green shift.

Shots! – A very social lilac metallic with pink shifting pearl that packs a punch.

Tipsy - Buzzing off this dark periwinkle blue matte. So pigmented, it has us in a daze.

Cross Faded - Drunk and high at the same time in this indigo with a blue shift.

No Regrets - We have no qualms about this free-spirited periwinkle with its unapologetic pink and green shift.

Morning After - You won’t regret wearing this rich mulberry shimmer with blue reflects, perfect for that next-day smoky look.

Drunk Text - Getting a little sentimental in this intoxicating dark charcoal shimmer with iridescent reflects.