LANEIGE- Radian-C Cream

12.500 OMR

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So good that LANEIGE refers to it as the ‘Vitamin Illuminator’, the Radian-C Cream is powered by vitamins C and E to deliver extremely bright results.

If your skin is regularly exposed to stress (read: you’re often glued to a screen, working long hours or enjoying outdoor activities), then you might notice your complexion beginning to look dull and tired. That’s where this vitamin smoothie comes in, with its antioxidants and patented Melasolv working to even patchy tone and reduce the look of blemishes. Deeply penetrative and providing extreme levels of moisture, this radiance-boosting elixir even calms skin – making it ideal for sensitive complexions. It balances moisture levels in irritated skin barriers, reduces the look of dullness by a whopping 30% in as little as two weeks, reduces redness, firms skin and protects you from environmental aggressors with a swathe of antioxidants.