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Jaclyn Cosmetics Bake & Brighten Under Eye Powder - Brightening Pink

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Bake and brighten the delicate under eye area with this color-neutralizing powder. Infused with rich shea butter and smoothing banana flower to help lock in moisture, this lightweight powder counteracts under eye imperfections and sets concealer without creasing for a totally flawless look, just like Jaclyn Hill does.

Brightening Lilac - helps neutralize dark circles for yellow undertones and fair skin tones

Brightening Pink - helps neutralize dark circles for cool undertones and light skin tones

Brightening Light Banana - helps neutralize dark circles and redness for light to medium skin tones

Brightening Banana - helps neutralize and brighten dark circles for medium to tan skin tones

Brightening Apricot - helps neutralize and brighten dark circles for tan to deep skin tones

Net Weight: 6 g / 0.21 oz.




Use a beauty sponge or dense brush to gently press powder to set concealer. If you’re a baker, apply a generous layer of Bake & Brighten to your still-damp concealer and leave for 5-10 minutes. Lightly dust off the excess with a big fluffy brush.




Even though I developed these shades for brightening the under eyes, they actually work beautifully all over the face, especially to clean up your contour.




When applying powders to under eyes, avoid wiping, swiping, or sweeping motions. This disturbs the primer and concealer that’s already applied and may result in product lifting.