Catrice- Lash Glue & Eyeliner 010

2.200 OMR

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  • Lash glue & black eyeliner in one
  • Easy application: apply eyeliner, position the lashes - that's it!
  • Precision felt-tip
  • Vegan

Quick & easy: With the innovative Lash Glue & Eyeliner, an eyelid line can be drawn and eyelash glue applied at the same time. The False Lashes can then be placed and attached as usual. The fine felt tip allows for precise eyeliner, but the texture dries like glue.

Eyelash glue & black eyeliner in one
Easy to use: draw eyeliner, place lashes - done
Precise felt tip

To ensure that the eyeliner line succeeds cleanly, it should be applied at as flat an angle as possible and close to the lash line. If you don't want to draw the eyeliner in one stroke, you can first draw one half from the inside to the center and the second half from the outside to the center.