Lef Cream Stick Blush

7.500 OMR

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Lef Creamy Blusher

  • Blusher is considered one of the main finishing up steps in make up for a stunning look, and with this formula you will achieve a natural glowing look.
  • It is designed as a pen for more convenient use, no need for a brush or a sharpener, simply roll the lower side of the pen and the blusher will appear again.
  • This type of blusher is perfect for dry skin type. It will moisture your skin and make it look healthy and glowing.
  • For oily skin type, it is better to use the blusher occasionally for a different look. It is recommended not to use on a daily basis because it will make the skin more shiny than it is.
  • The blusher is long lasting and will not required a retouch.


Available for different skin tones.

  • If you have a light skin tone, go for lighter colors like pink tones to make the look natural.
  • If you have medium skin tone, go for bronze tones and avoid the lighter colors because they will give you a pale look.
  • If you have dark skin tones, for orange and purple tones and avoid using lighter colors.


How to Use:

  • Choose a suitable color for your skin and your look. 
  • If you have a round face shape, spread the blusher under your cheekbones from the outer side to the inner side of your face for a simple look.
  • If you have a square face shape, spread the blusher above your cheekbones in circular motion to make the cheeks stand out and make the face look more rounded.
  • If you have a diamond face shape, spread the blusher under your cheekbones from the inner side to the outer side of your face.
  • If you have a long shape face, spread the blusher horizontally by the side of the ears and avoid using too much blusher which could make your face look longer.